Quality Backup Generators for Walla Walla, WA & Surrounding Areas

Backup generators are practical solutions for navigating power outages. College Place Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. can install backup generators that are correctly sized for your home or business and provide emergency power when the lights go out unexpectedly.


Do You Need a Backup Generator?

If your power regularly goes out during storms or rough weather, backup generators can provide the power you need to weather these times and stay comfortable inside your College Place, WA, or Walla Walla, WA home. In some cases, a generator installation can also provide the power needed to protect those with health issues or doing essential work on behalf of your community. Our electricians can deliver reliable, long-lasting backup generators and generator installation services to help you manage your ongoing electrical needs quickly and efficiently.

Choosing a Backup Generator Based on Your Needs

Before deciding on a generator installation, consider what appliances or equipment you will need to power up in case of emergencies. Smaller generators can typically run a refrigerator, a furnace's power elements, and a few lights. As your power needs expand, the required size of your generator and the wattage it produces will also increase. Large generators are usually required to run machinery necessary for manufacturing or processing activities for even small businesses.

Benefits of a Working Backup Generator

The electricians at College Place Heating & Air Conditioning can guide you to find the perfect, most affordable backup generator for your needs. We also perform generator repairs to ensure dependable protection against power outages. Some of the most important benefits of investing in a generator installation are listed below:

  • Preventing losses caused by indoor temperature fluctuations, resulting in spoiled food in the refrigerator or freezer 
  • Greater comfort for families when the power goes out unexpectedly
  • Reduced impact on your business operations and greater productivity during power outages

At College Place Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer outstanding solutions for installing backup generators in the surrounding communities. As a family-owned and operated business, we are more than familiar with the dangers of electrical outages. Our team will be happy to discuss your need for a back-up generator and address any questions you have!

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