How Does My Heat Pump Work in College Place, WA?

In the past, you may not have considered installing a heat pump because you weren’t sure how they worked. These energy-efficient systems utilize electricity to provide your home with both heating and cooling. Here’s what you need to know about different heat pump types and how they work in College Place, WA.

How These Systems Function

Similar to air conditioners, heat pumps use refrigeration when delivering your home’s comfort. During the heating process, the refrigerant will move to the outdoor unit to pull warmth from the environment. It will then turn into a gas and go inside your home where it will release its heat.

This process repeats — the refrigerant collecting and letting go of its warmth — until your home meets your desired temperature. Thanks to the heat pump’s reversing valve, it can switch which way the refrigerant travels to provide cooling in the summer. This involves removing heat from inside the home and releasing it outside.

Different Types of Heat Pumps

The most common type of residential heat pump, the air-to-air or air-source model, pulls heat directly from the air around your home. A water-source heat pump connects to a nearby lake or river, pulling warmth from the water itself. A reliable geothermal or ground-source heat pump utilizes a series of underground pipes to take warmth from the soil near your home’s foundation.

Ideal Climates

Heat pumps function most efficiently in mild climates that don’t often experience temperatures below freezing. You may have to pair the system with a backup heater or switch to a furnace to provide more consistent heating when the temperature gets too low.

If you’re interested in installing a heat pump or require services on your current model, give us a call. We offer flat rate pricing and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Contact College Place Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to schedule your heat pump services in College Place, WA.

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