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Maintaining commercial equipment can be easily forgotten if no one has been delegated for the job. We have trained technicians available with experience in maintaining commercial equipment that is often located in hard-to-access areas, requiring special equipment. We can customize an agreement that will be suited to your specific needs for Commercial HVAC in Walla Walla.


Commercial HVAC Inspections

Here are a few of the items we inspect regularly:

  • Inspect the condition of filters
  • Inspect the condition of the indoor coil
  • Measure airflow, temperatures, and freon pressures
  • Inspect condition of electrical components and wiring continuity
  • Inspect condition of burners and ignition components
  • Oiling of all oil-able motors

Save Money With A Regular Maintenance Program

We also offer some money saving perks for commercial businesses who establish a regular maintenance program with us.

  • Priority service
  • No after hour or weekend charges
  • A 15% discount on all repairs

Contact us today for Commercial HVAC in the Walla Walla area! We’ll be happy to schedule a time to meet with you and discuss your maintenance needs.

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