Our Legacy

College Place Heating & Air Conditioning grew from a small beginning in 1949. At first, Lorain Davis rented part of a small building near the business’s present site. The budget was limited and allowed no hiring of personnel, so Lorain’s bride, Anne, donned a workman’s garb to help install ductwork.

Eventually, two employees were added to the payroll, and the need for a secretary arose. Anne exchanged the workman’s garb for the secretary’s quill. All the book work was done at home for the first 25 years of the business’s existence, without the aid of an adding machine for 15 of those years.

Lorain enjoyed serving his community in many ways, and one way was to frequently employ college students. This produced difficulties during the busy summer months when those students left the area. However, a number of regular employees have remained with the business long-term; the longest began working in high school and after more than 30 years, is still on the payroll!

Originally named College Place Heating & Sheet Metal, the current name was adopted in 1973 to reflect the greater demand for air conditioning. The move to the present location took place in 1975.

In 1985, Lorain Davis was killed in a tragic car accident. His son, Dennis, stepped in his place and continued to modernize and expand the business. Pagers and computers became indispensable in 1993. The service department received its own manager the same year, with Dennis continuing as general manager. While the term ‘sheet metal’ was dropped from the company’s name, it remains a vital part of the business. The current staff, continuing to grow, currently comprises 18 full-time employees who gladly serve the community.