You love Spring if you enjoy longer days and beautiful weather with an ideal temperature. This is one of the favorite times of the year for many people. You will need to prepare your AC unit for Spring by completing a few maintenance tasks for optimal results. Knowing specific ways to get a heating and cooling system ready for this time of the year will surely be helpful as the weather changes. If your HVAC system has any issues, you can contact HVAC repair in Walla Walla WA

Prepare Your HVAC System for Spring with These Tips 

 Following are some tips that you can use to prepare your HVAC system

  • Remove Any Condenser Covers

The homeowners rightly choose to cover the outdoor air conditioner condenser to protect them from storms and harsh winters. Before switching to air conditioning, remove these covers and blankets and inspect the exterior unit for any debris or damage. Turning the system on with a cover in place can cause severe damage. 

  • Change the Air Filters

It would be best if you were changing your HVAC system air filters every one to three months. The perfect time to replace them is early spring. Winters tend to result in accumulated debris or dust in the air filters than usual, and you won’t be sure that these air filters are thoroughly cleaned before the season begins. 

Make sure you purchase the correct type and size of the air filter for your system. If you are unsure which one to use, you can contact the nearest AC repair in walla walla, WAto help you. It would help if you were sure that the air-filled is correctly placed with the airflow arrows pointing in the same direction.

  • Clean all Supply Events and Register

 Like your HVAC systems air filter, which can be clogged during the winter, so do the vents and registers. Do not ignore the supply vents when you give your home a thermal spring cleaning. Vacuum them to remove dirt for better performance from the previous season. You should remove them or schedule a professional duct cleaning appointment to improve the systems and boost your home’s indoor air quality.

  •  Test the Thermostat

 Many homeowners forget that the thermostat needs regular testing. To ensure they are working correctly simultaneously with each new heating or cooling cycle, test the thermostat-controlled as you may need to recalibrate the unit. You’ll also want to consider reprogramming the thermostat for warmer months ahead. 

  • Turn on the System

Once the above tasks are done, turn on the AC to measure the airflow from the vents. You will want to do this test in the Spring on the present invention. You should have enough time to check the airflow every few hours. If there is no cooling or heating, you will need to turn off the system at the thermostat and make sure you follow the previous tips.


If the air doesn’t feel cool the second time, you should contact  HVAC repair in walla walla, WA.

While you have plenty of tasks to prepare a system for Spring and summer, nothing replaces an expert system service. A great time to schedule annual maintenance is spring. As a result of the maintenance visit, you can be confident that your system is in working order. Contact College Place Heating & Air Conditioning to book your appointment or visit our website to know more.