Of the many appliances that one installs in their homes, a generator is an essential one especially in Walla Walla, WA. Generators can be life-saving during unexpected but possible events like hurricanes and an electrical outage. Therefore, keeping it in pristine condition will help to occasionally hire an electrical contractor in Walla Walla, WAto carry out maintenance and repair services when it is required.

In most cases, the cost of fixing a generator can range between $250 to $300 depending on what damage has been caused to the generator. The exact price of fixing a generator may also vary depending on the model of the generator. For smaller models, simple maintenance services tend to be significantly lesser at around $50 to $60. However, larger models will cost more than $500 to repair.

Possible Generator Problems That Require Repair 

Generators, like all home appliances, are prone to breaking down or decreasing inefficiency occasionally. The more common problems that plague generators and require repairs include – 

Battery Failure

Generators will become non-functional if the batteries on which it runs, fail or malfunction. In most cases, this is because of problems with the electrical board or other reasons like dirty connections. In both of these cases, a homeowner should choose to bring in an electrical contractor in Walla Walla, WAfor professional help. 

Low Fuel Levels

Generators that run on fuel tend to display problems with turning on if the fuel levels are low. A homeowner can detect this by simply checking the fuel gauge or listening for fuel level indicators. If there is any indication that the fuel levels are low, one should fill it at the earliest and help stop causing any further damage to the generator. 

Decreased Oil Levels

The oil level of the generator has to be occasionally topped off. This is because when the oil level is low, the generator may not be able to work properly and may even sustain permanent damage requiring generator replacement in Walla Walla, WATherefore, it is important to ensure that the oil levels and lubricants are always at the required levels. 

Closed Shutoff Valve

Most technicians recommend that when the generator is not in use, the fuel shutoff valve must be closed off. However, once the generator is to be used, the shutoff valve will have to be open to turn the generator on again. Therefore, a homeowner that frequently uses a generator should keep a track of this valve and when it is open and closed. 

Coolant Leakages

There is a chance that over time the coolant from the generator will leak out of the coolant hoses. If this problem isn’t checked, it can result in the complete breakdown of the system as a whole. Therefore, it is important to change coolant hoses every once in a while for optimal functioning. 

Generators have several working components that need the occasional servicing or cleaning. For this reason and all other heating services in Walla Walla, WAyou can opt to hire very capable technicians from College Place Heating and Air Conditioning. Call 509-525-8073 for an appointment today.