Heater Replacement in the Walla Walla Area

CP Heating & AC - Heater Replacement in College Place, WA

Every piece of mechanical equipment eventually hits a breaking point where it no longer makes sense to keep repairing and suffering breakdowns. Heater replacement in Walla Walla can be an exciting time to upgrade from poor performance to a money-saving and more reliable model. At College Place Heating & Air Conditioning, we make the process easy because we know the best options and have a great deal of experience with heating installations.

Should I replace or repair?

Don’t second guess your decision about replacement without all the facts. While contractors looking to make fast cash will start in on the sales pitch, College Place Heating & Air Conditioning makes sure replacement is, in fact, the right choice. It can be frustrating to deal with an inefficient older heater, especially if you’re having problems, but if we can fix it and it saves you money, wouldn’t you want to know? Our honest approach gets to the bottom of things and we do the math to see if a higher performance heater or a repair makes sense. We find you the right heater for your family, not just the most expensive option.

Get a personalized solution

Heating pumps, furnaces, ductless, and more… the vast selection of heaters on the market can be overwhelming. We’ll help you sort the details to find the best heater replacement in Walla Walla for your home. We start by listening to your goals to find solutions in your budget. We carry tried and true brands: ClimateMaster, Trane, and Mitsubishi. Get a recommendation that takes your home size, number of floors, household size, and specific needs with our expert help.

Choose a contractor with proven results

When it comes to your home or place of business, you don’t want to spend a fortune on quality heating equipment only to get less performance than you bargained for, or worse, an improper installation. You don’t have to worry about uneven heating, poor performance down the road, or malfunctions when you go to College Place Heating & Air Conditioning. We’re a local staple that’s helped thousands of people over the more than 60 years we’ve been in this industry. Our goal is your long-term business and satisfaction. Our Google and Yelp reviews reflect that longstanding commitment.

An installation that lasts

We make sure your installation is done right with a careful checklist and performance inspection. Don’t take chances on an inexperienced contractor or chain brand that will do a sloppy job. We take the time to make sure you’re getting the full AFUE rated performance shown on the sticker for your new equipment. Call us to get your heater replacement in Walla Walla started at 509-525-8073.

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