Heater Maintenance in the Walla Walla Area

Get comfort all year long with our heater maintenance services

CP Heating & AC - Heater Maintenance in College Place, WAEnjoy the performance from your heater at the touch of a button every day of the year with our expert heater maintenance in Walla Walla. We protect your heater from unexpected breakdowns and early replacement and keep your home safe. When it comes to protecting your investment, College Place Heating & Air Conditioning is the community’s proven expert with more than sixty years of experience. We are the licensed, bonded, and insured business local families and businesses turn to first for their heating maintenance needs.

Enjoy years of performance

Your heater is an expensive piece of equipment, make it last its full lifespan with our help Each year, you should get your heater cleaned, inspected, and maintained. Neglecting to do this puts extra strain on parts and can be a safety risk. You wouldn’t drive a car for years without performing oil changes to keep its engine running smoothly. Don’t risk your heater by neglecting maintenance. During your appointment, our technician will address every part of your heater. This includes a careful clean of the burner assembly, a check on ignition parts, and a test to calibrate your thermostat, and much more.

Save money on energy bills and get more performance from your heater

In just an hour’s time, our heater maintenance in Walla Walla gets you results you’ll love. By removing the dirt and allergens that build up over the course of a year, we improve your air quality. Not only that, but cleaning, lubricating, and maintaining all the parts inside your AC increase it’s airflow, cutting your energy bills and giving you more even heating around the home. Keeping your heating system maintained each year helps you avoid surprise breakdowns and repairs because our technicians will spot the smallest of problems early on so they can be resolved.

Heating maintenance in College Place, WA keeps you safe

Maintenance isn’t just about your heater’s efficiency and airflow. It’s crucial to your health and safety. Our technicians check thoroughly for deadly carbon monoxide leaks or ventilation issues that could threaten the lives of the people in your home. Get your annual heater maintenance in Walla Walla from a trusted local family business. Call College Place Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment at 509-525-8073.

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