During the summertime, the air conditioners play a vital role in keeping our comfort levels intact. However, due to continuous utilization of the system, this results in heavier utility bills and may also lead to AC repair Walla Walla WA. For your help, we have put together some no-cost methods that will help you improve the efficiency of the cooling effect of your AC unit.

Tips To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Air Conditioning Unit

There are some no-cost ways to increase the efficiency of your AC unit. Follow the pointers given below:

Replace The Ac Filters At Least Once A Month

AC filters are used to filter the contaminants and prevent them from entering the system. To improve efficiency, it is important to either wash the filters or change them regularly for better optimized performance. Changing the filters regularly will prevent any HVAC repair Walla Walla WA.

Clean The Outdoor And Indoor Units

To improvise the air quality and maximize the cooling effect of the AC unit, clean the outdoor and the indoor unit of the AC. Dust off the debris, clean the dirt, unclog the filters and drain pipe for better cooling.

Adjust The Thermostat 

Adjust the thermostat settings of your system. Adjust the temperature settings a little higher than usual. You can also attempt to upgrade to a smart thermostat device to regulate the heating and cooling of your home smartly. Make sure you install the thermostat device in a shaded region inside your house so that there is no straight sunlight falling on it.

Do Not Use Any Heating Appliances Near Your Thermostat

Using heating appliances like lamps, TVs, and so on can have adverse effects on your thermostat. This causes the AC unit to absorb more energy consumption and lowers the efficiency of your system. Since there is a higher load, more energy is consumed leading to higher utility bills. For this reason, it is preferred that while the AC unit is functioning, you keep the blinds shut and do not use any heating appliances that can affect the efficiency of the unit.

Use A Fan

Once you have turned on your AC unit it will take some time for the entire room to cool down. With the help of a fan, the fan will help circulate the cool air throughout the room and make the room feel less hot. This is an efficient way to increase the cooling effect without any extra costs.

Frequent Maintenance

Like any other electrical appliance, your AC unit needs regular maintenance for it to function efficiently. Call a professional to carry out AC repair Walla Walla WA, the frequent servicing of your AC unit will ensure that there are no major breakdowns soon, thereby reducing the costs.

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