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CP Heating & AC - Air Conditioning Service in College Place, WA

Searching for air conditioning service in Walla Walla? Let us help your family or business with installation, maintenance, repairs, tune-ups, and more. Don’t just hire anyone to work on your valuable equipment, so make sure you chose an experienced professional. Since 1949, our family business has blossomed from a husband and wife operation to a 21 employee team. We love what we do and our customers know it! Each of our technicians are Certified Trane Comfort Specialists who know their work and give you their best. We value your business and make sure your air conditioner is taken care of with the highest standards.

We find out exactly what service you need

Don’t pay for the wrong service for your air conditioner. Our expert technicians take a look at your equipment to find the right solution. Tune up or repairs? Replacing or getting it fixed? We troubleshoot your AC to find the service that makes the most sense for your needs and budget. All of our repairs come with a one year warranty starting on the date we fixed it so you don’t have to pay twice for the same service.

Repairs and tune-ups

If you’re stuck in the heat with a poor performing or broken air conditioner, help is on the way fast with College Place Heating & Air Conditioning. Our technicians arrive quickly to solve the problem before you know it, using repair and tune-up techniques to not only restore your air conditioner but improve its performance. Save yourself from headaches and costly repairs with our experts on your side.


We keep your family safe and comfortable by following a careful maintenance checklist. We inspect, clean, and lubricate all moving parts in your air conditioner so it lasts. Get this service each year to restore performance and save on energy bills. Our technicians save you from costly repairs that happen when a small sign goes unnoticed. The inspection also protects you from the buildup of allergens and dirt inside your AC and dangerous coolant leaks that could harm your family.

Installations and replacements made easy

Find the right air conditioner to bring comfort to your home or commercial space. We find a solution within your budget that will give you years of enjoyment. Our technicians install your new AC with the utmost care and show you how to get the most out of it. You’ll love your new air conditioner’s money-saving SEER rating and its 24/7 performance.

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