Air Conditioning Maintenance in Walla Walla, College Place, and Milton Freewater

Get maintenance that makes your investment last

CP Heating & AC - Air Conditioning Maintenance in College Place, WA

Mechanical equipment wears down more quickly without proper maintenance. You made a large investment in the purchase and installation of your AC. Let us help you prevent your air conditioner from declining performance or early breakdown with Air Conditioning Maintenance in Walla Walla.  Let our expert certified technicians keep it humming through the years with this important investment in its care.

How our maintenance service helps your AC perform

Every year, your AC accumulates debris and experiences wear as a result of use. Our Precision Tune-up restores the AC’s performance so it runs like it did when you bought it. We remove dust, dirt, pollen, and mold from the mechanical parts that cause extra strain. Not only will your AC operate more smoothly, but it will be cleaner as a result. College Place Heating & Air Conditioning is a local, family-owned business that’s been helping families for years with their needs related to HVAC repair Walla Walla WA. We have the confident and caring approach you need to get the work done right.

Enjoy the benefits of a safer home and lower energy costs

Getting maintenance each year from College Place Heating & Air Conditioning keeps your air conditioner performing as it should. By removing blockages in airflow, we increase your air conditioner’s ability to circulate air around the home. It also saves you money on energy bills since your machine doesn’t have to work as hard with better airflow. Beyond the savings, though, is the peace of mind you get from our careful testing and inspection. We keep your family safe by improving your air quality by cleaning and checking for refrigerant leaks. If your AC is more than a year overdue, make sure to schedule your air conditioning maintenance in Walla Walla right away. If you need an electrical contractor in Walla Walla WA, contact us, we also offer electricians’ services.

What happens during my maintenance appointment?

You’ll be greeted by a friendly technician who knows how to take care of your AC. Our service starts with a careful inspection followed by cleaning and maintenance. We check your air filters, calibrate your thermostat, remove dust and dirt from the machinery, and maintain all the drainage pipes, electrical connections, and other moving parts in your AC. The technician will also test refrigerant pressures, electrical components, and correct mechanical functionality. Keep your AC running at its best each year with our air conditioning maintenance in Walla Walla. We also offer  Call College Place Heating & Air Conditioning today at (509) 525-8073.

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