Air conditioners can be a lifesaver during the hottest months of the year. Having your air conditioner break down during the middle of the summer can be a nightmare, especially if an HVAC service technician can’t get out there right away. 

There are several things you can check before scheduling an AC repair (or while you’re waiting for your service appointment).  Read on to find out what to try before scheduling an AC Repair in Walla Walla, WA

Five things to check before scheduling an AC repair  

  • Thermostat 

A thermostat is a temperature and operational control for heating and cooling equipment. It holds the information related to what temperature to maintain and when to turn the air conditioner on and off. Double check to make sure you have the correct setting selected (auto, cool, or heat). If your screen is blank, that could indicate that the batteries simply need changed. Check your owner’s manual for instructions on how to do this. 

  • Drain pan and pipe 

The primary function of a drain pan and pipe is to remove moisture and liquid that has accumulated in your air conditioner. If the drain becomes clogged, it can cause your air conditioner to perform poorly or even damage it. If you are able to locate the drain pans and pipes, check them to ensure they are free of debris.  

  • Air filters

When was the last time you changed your air filter? Dirty or clogged air filters not only impair your AC’s performance, they can cause serious damage to the unit as well.  There are a number of factors that determine how often you should change your filter, including the size/type of your filter, whether or not there are pets or smoking in your home, and how dusty your outdoor environment is. As a general rule of thumb, one inch filters should be changed monthly, while four inch filters can be changed every six to twelve months.  

If you can’t remember the last time your air filter was changed, it’s a good idea to change it and develop a system for remembering to change it regularly in the future.  

  • Outdoor AC Unit 

Your air conditioner is the outdoor component to your HVAC system. Your AC unit should be free of debris and vegetation. If anything is stuck in the AC unit’s fins, remove it by hand. You can also gently spray down the unit with water to cool it off and remove additional debris.  

These are basic steps you can take to clean your outdoor unit, but it’s best to call a professional for a thorough AC Maintenance or Repair in Walla Walla, WA

  • Ice Build-up 

A lack of airflow, which could be caused by clogged filters/coils or a failing motor, along with bad refrigerant pressures, can cause ice build-up on your AC unit.  If you see any type of ice on your air conditioner, it’s a good idea to change your thermostat fan mode to ON and system to OFF. This will allow the unit to thaw so an HVAC technician can properly diagnose the failure. 

While there are several things you can check on your AC unit, it is important to know when to call a professional. Anything that involves leaks, opening up the AC unit, or electrical components should always be left to an HVAC service technician.

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